An anti-viral gel could be used to prevent Cervical Cancer

A potential formula for a topical gel treatment has shown promising efficacy for the treatment of Human Papilloma Virus (HPV). This means a simple gel could be used in the future to prevent cervical cancer for those infected.

For women older than 26 years, the approved HPV vaccines cannot be used. HPV vaccines are not available in developing countries or in China. Having a topical antiviral will provide a treatment option for those who become infected with high risk HPV and can neither access a vaccine.

A group of 78 women volunteered to be part of the study and were randomly allocated to treatment and non treatment groups. Treatment period was 3 months. The gel was applied every day except for when menstruating. Most likely as the treatment would probably wash way with all the blood and uterus debris as well as being incredibly messy. More than half of those treated with the gel showed significant improvement and tested negative for HPV after treatment.

Scientists from Shanxi Jinbo Pharmaceuticals in China took anhydride-modified proteins and formulated it into a dressing to be applied to the vagina. These proteins have shown broad-spectrum inhibition of several viruses in the past.


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