If the Internet was Gotham City, Then I’m Gotham City’s Batman (If Batman was a Badass Health Advocate)

Dear Internet,

That is fellow health/medical/science writer colleagues, public health officers, health citizens of the internet. It is a new year and I want to thank each and every one of you that has followed my work or given me encouragement by liking my pieces. I may not have given you as much as I’d like, and I apologise for the lacklustre home that I’ve haphazardly thrown together to make The Health Edit. If anything, I sincerely hope it has given you edutainment.

Which is why after much introspection, numerous surveys handed out to unfortunate people on the street, this year brings in a new forum. In every New York, there was a Superman. Every Gotham City had it’s Batman. And now the Internet has it’s shining Health Citizen.

Health Citizen will be a place where infectious and preventable health concerns of the public are laid out, investigated and sought out with evidence based medicine and healthcare. As a health citizen, I am just an ordinary individual who wants to live healthy so I can die of something other than disease and battle the hard villains of the earth. Of which I am talking about the germs in your bathroom, the germs on the stop buttons of buses and the bacteria that have gained access to your innards, fighting for dominance. A healthy person means a bad ass person ready to hustle and thug life the negativity away.

Health Citi promises to become your one stop, first stop, best stop for discussing responsible health separate from just eating well because there’s enough vegan/raw food blogs out there. Actually food blogs in general but that’s besides the point, more food the merrier. Health Citi will collate and curate the activity of infectious disease around the world and you’ll probably see other healthcare orientated stuff as I wonder how we should navigate the modern world of disease.

This is the public health diary of a badass health citizen.


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