Infectious Disease Round the Interwebs

This past week around the interwebs has been pretty interesting for our little infectious fellas.

A source for environmental cryptococcus fungi have been cautiously identified over in LA.

A global research publication has been announced for the Global Infectious Disease Treatment Market and it plans to cover its growth and the key players over the coming years. This I am pretty excited for because it brings to the forefront the need to continue drug development that better and more efficiently targets bacterium, fungi, parasites and viruses. It’s just a constant battle between pathogen evolution and the very often, outdated drugs that tiptoe that line of resistance. A publication like this might start to drive that development to higher quality.

In light of those news, Seema Yasmin from the Dallas Morning News has noted a drop in childhood vaccination and not too surprisingly, a concurrent increase in infectious disease – notably whooping cough. If this isn’t a screeching alarm bell, then I’m not sure what people need to start taking real notice and get some real education out there about vaccinations. Maybe an outbreak or epidemic will do the trick? This sniffs too much of the TB incident that had occurred in the Americas and here we are now all suffering the challenge of drug-resistant TB and a rampant TB-HIV partnership in Africa.


Cryptococcus gattii VGIII Isolates Causing Infections in HIV/AIDS Patients in Southern California: Identification of the Local Environmental Source as Arboreal

Infectious Disease Treatment Market to Grow At a CGR of 3.43% by 2018

Vaccination Rates for Kids are Down, Rates of Infectious Diseases Up by Seema Yasmin.


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