• Unless full course is finished, not all bacteria are dead.

Antibiotics act by killing the bacteria in your body that are making you sick. Weak bacteria die first. Strong bacteria are able to survive longer over the period of your antibiotic course. You may feel better as bacteria die but if you decide you cbb to finish your antibiotics – the stronger bacteria sit and wait till your immune fails and attack with twice the force. They may also become invincible to the original antibiotics if allowed to multiply enough to overwhelm your poor immune system. This is what is called “antibiotic resistance”, where the stronger bacteria are no longer affected by the original antibiotic.

Remaining resistant bacteria may also still be able to spread to other people and infect them with a worse condition.

Lesson for the day? Just finish the course that was given to you. Your choice, your health.


  • Does not work with viruses. They are another ball game on their own.

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