While Away on Holidays: Japan


I was going to post a filler piece on what to do when that one person you’re seated next to is sick and you’re stuck in a flying tin can. But then I got a whole row to myself and I acted like everything was first class even when I… was …in… economy.

Everywhere in Tokyo/Kyoto is so clean that I really don’t have anything to say.

A case study: Tsukiji Fish Markets.

People are limited to a certain number when entering the inner warehouse of the fish markets for the tuna auctions in response to hygiene concerns. I would be too if you saw just how narrow those alleys are OUTSIDE of the inner warehouse, and that’s just the outer markets.

And a little extra: Japan wipes down their escalator rails by timing it. Apparently in Australia it’s done by using an extra wet cloth so the dry and cleaned areas can be visibly seen. Frankly that kind of sounds gross. All that extra wet film makes me think of potential biofilms.

The big thing to really keep in mind though is what kind of solution are we using in wiping down whatever it is we are cleaning? There is a lot of hype about antibacterials and “99% germs killed” in just our everyday hand washes. But do they actually make a difference?

If washing your hands thoroughly just with water and soap does the same job, then really? Household antibacterials? Uuuuuum thanks, but no thanks. Let’s avoid putting pressure on the bacterial pool when we can.

Back to Sydney and an antibiotic resistance fact sheet waiting to be posted.


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