Outbreaks Round The World

The Lancet Infectious Diseases had an infectious disease surveillance update in their April issue so this means a round-the-world trip for what’s happening in the Pathogen Universe.

Way way over in the USA, California there seems to be a polio like virus with 20 patients having been infected in the past 18 months. It’s been characterised by quick and permanent loss of muscle function in an arm or leg with some experiencing respiratory symptoms before paralysis. Suggestions to cause is enterovirus 68 which has been noted in recent years.

Over in Cambodia, H5N1 Avian Influenza A has taken 4 children so far with all confirmed cases in children with a history of exposure to poultry. In other words, keep the children away from the dirty poultry.

Measles have struck on a cruise ship from Spain to Italy of which the fault seems to have been in an under-vaccinated crew. Get your vaccines sirs! Get your vaccines before you take any long trip overseas or on seas.

And lastly, in our fair country of Australia, more than 200 people have been poisoned by salmonellesis with food containing raw eggs in Victoria. Green Eggs farm has been identified as the source and are now being halted from sale until deemed clear. Be aware of where your eggs are being supplied from and only eat them cooked!

Over and out.


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