Hip and Healthy Raw Food Extraordinaire



There is nothing more inspiring to me than finding a blog that advocates food at its most basic level, at its most nutritious and at its most delicious. How I came to find Hip and Healthy was a la instagram via sassyballerina, a food editor of their’s. Check out this:














And this:



Like, what is with these new smoothie bowl fads??? I need to get myself a stick blender that actually works and get started on these things.


The number one curiosity I have is just what is the texture like? Soupy? Or like a bowl of creamy icecream except instead of it being sticky melted mess, its a refreshing smoothie…?

Anywho, after a little instagram stalking (of which I am quite proficient at) I discovered that sassyballerina is as her name suggests, really a dancer with her lithe figure and all! Which kind of blew away all my perceptions of professional dancers being on these strict diets I imagined from my multiple viewings of the film Centerstage. Everytime I saw these posts I’d be like, this looks amazing! And its just food at its most simplest with the most ingenious twists – thinly sliced zucchini for some zuchinni noodles in avocado sauce with pomegranate seeds, banana and pb with sweet dates and then she’s even got recipes for healthifying the most classic and loved of junk foods – reese cups and oreos. I am going to jump on any bandwagon that can do magic like that but also, that shows how loving food at its most nutritious is all we need to have a healthy life in whatever active arts it is we are pursuing.

I hope I’m making sense, I really do but I thought I’d take a breather from the infectious diseases of the world this week – haven’t even taken a glance.

If such an example of good food is laid out before me then I’m going to have to take a look at the site that it’s part of. And it’s kind of amazing. It’s top form for a fitness and healthy lifestyle website that’s really an online magazine and calls itself so. I absolutely love their blog section though, posting pieces on delicious simple food ideas and their health category which I feel talk about things so relevant to my age. Like how instead of emotionally/stress eating ice cream and chocolate and french toast, we could eat peaches, bananas and turkey and then they back it up with a rundown of their benefits to calming us down.

I might not be able to give up the junk for emotional eating though – I need a remedy for that stat. I’ve even spotted that you can shop work out clothes from a curated variety of sports lux brands. Only problem is they really only ship within UK although it does say you can contact them and arrange for postage if you live outside of that region. A relief for us down under who absolutely feel like they must have one of the items on sale. Otherwise for lazy and poor bums like me, I’ll just stick to counting my money and wait for the day I’ll be able to buy a hairband at Lululemon over at Chatswood Chase.

For Sassyballerina’s page: http://www.hipandhealthy.co.uk/product/hip-healthy-recipe-book-hip-healthy-kitchen/


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