Raw. Vegan. Not Gross on Tastemade

In keeping with the theme of food this week, and also as the inaugural first post of weekly healthy food/wellbeing spotlights – I thought I’d write a short feature on Tastemade’s “Raw. Vegan. Not Gross” channel.

I’ve been following the channel over the course of its first season and it is seriously so mind blowing! As an example – Peach Lavender popsicles??

Rich luxurious treats like cheesecake, truffles and chocolate pudding are given a raw vegan twist and takes all the guilt away. Instead of the typical cream cheese or the ordinary butter, Laura Miller substitutes in organic coconut oil (read non-hydrogenated, extra virgin, unrefined coconut oil) which has some great mojo for your body having antibacterial properties, a suggested lowered risk of heart disease and helps improve your metabolism. It’s reportedly beneficial for your skin too.

Plus at the end of each video, you get a small rundown of all the health benefits from all the good stuff you’ve put into your treat! Everything is minimally processed and by that I mean – you take the ingredients raw, chuck them together then bake or freeze and wallah – its good to stuff into mah mouth.

Although I haven’t personally tried it, it always looks absolutely beautiful in the videos and I’m definitely going to try their Chocolate Avocado Pudding recipe and maybe, on instagram you’ll know the outcome.


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