Food’s the Name of the Game

Is this relevant? This is TOTALLY relevant.

Is this relevant? This is TOTALLY relevant.

Food seems to have been the name of the media game this past week or two.

A so called “Australian Paradox” report in 2011 that described the apparent decreased sugar intake yet increasing obesity rates in the country that first culled sugar as the culprit is now being revised with many previously so called naysayers shaking their fingers at blatant errors that had been originally ignored TWO (nay – three!) years ago. So, this is only blowing up now.

At the moment, ABC’s Sarah Dingle has pointed out that there is a war a-brewing between the industry and health organisations. This non-communicable disease stuff is so not in my area of expertise and a war is not something I want to be a part of but it’s clearly looking like its going to get very ugly in the coming years. Especially with it being compared to the Tobacco industry war of years ago. While the industry uses papers like the “Australian Paradox” and the scientific evidence that they can find or possibly fund to support their claims that sugar is not contributing to the obesity epidemic, indignant academics are pointing out holes in said research or even finding contradictory statements. The belief from Mike Daube, Professor of Health Policy at Curtin University in Perth that “…we won’t have [now] decent food labeling for years to come.” certainly gives an idea that Australians will now even be blindsided to what is in their food – a serious impediment to making wholesome healthy choices. I’m skirting a little too close to political waters now and I’m starting to get the shivers. This is definitely a debate that’s not without its drama but I’m sure we can take a glance at tobacco history to guess at who will eventually came out on top.

I’d love to take a peek at the current papers whirring around in journals but I’m not sure I want to dive down that rabbit hole just yet.

In other news, a feature to come on food poisoning scares in our own homes will be broadcasted tonight – on what channel I can’t quite remember but will find since that actually lies in the confines of my university degree.

All my information was from ABC today. ABC kind of rocks. Also, this is to say I didn’t do all the hard work. I’m a lazy blogger.

Food labelling from ABC
The sugar war from ABC
ABC: Background Briefing, Is Sugar Innocent?
ABC: Background Briefing, Wendy Carlisle


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